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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Spa and Beauty Salon interior design concept

How to-design-interior-spa-and beauty-salon
Interior Spa and Beauty Salon is a service spa located in Shanghai, China. These are older buildings reconstruction projects by KUU Architects, interior Spa and Beauty Salon is occupying three and a half floors at the city hall that was built in the 1930s. Architecture tries to create the content of commercial spas in this old building, they are interested in creating a feeling of space as the old buildings, but now something new, something new. To create a different experience for visitors, the spa is characterized by small-scale space in every direction from the center half. New space will have a wall of material and different color. Super Sense Spa it looks familiar and rich with texture and colorizes unusual colors found in the spa, but reminded the world of old Shanghai and possible future one. Exterior Spa and Beauty Salon was so exciting, strategic reserves, building designers save the fa├žade simple, rough and dull-colored instead of the colorful and rich.